Our Mission

We currently have over 21.8 million Veterans of our beautiful country.  In the current conflicts, we have lost more veterans to their own hand than we have in combat.  There are not enough resources currently available for healthy, alternative methods of healing for these heroes who have sacrificed so much for us.  We here at AWOL, are going to change that to the best of our ability.  We take our Veteran clients on all expenses paid angling adventures here in New Mexico, and soon to be Colorodo, in any angling style they prefer.  From the pristine waters of the Pecos River, to the gold medal awarded San Juan fly fishing, to the high country frozen lakes ice fishing Eagle Nest, NM.  We can facilitate it all.  

“I believe the greatest tragedy in existence, is to be offered the gift of life not only once, but twice...and not live it to the very wildest of its potential”
-Sgt Wes Dyer, from the film “Emerger”

our Achievements

  • As a combat wounded veteran of Afghanistan, U.S.M.C. Wes Dyer is extremely aware of the difficulties facing todays veteran community, as well as their families. So far our team has been able to raise enough funds to impact the life of one veteran, and another is almost paid for.  We operate on donations alone.  We are doing everything we can to raise funds for these adventures, because those at risk cannot wait, they need support and help right now.